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19TH September 2014


I Declare… Digital Sabbath!

Shut off at some point

Shut off at some point

And yes, the fact that I am writing this digitally adds to the affect.

As a multi time entrepreneur, leader, and avid digital doer I’m expected to be on, on, on. And I think I do a good job of delivering on work, but fast. But at certain, sometimes random points, I have come to admit I lose my edge and my productivity by grinding away, shoveling digital snow. As exciting as my work is, it eventually get monotonous. Sometimes, even my eyes hurt from the moving from one screen to the next to the next…

So, I am declaring digital sabbath, a nearly spiritual journey away from the screen and back to immersion in the carbon world. Brad Feld and Arainna Huffington have embraced this. No emails, texts, games, blogs, news, nothing consumer through a screen will reach. Me for the next 24-36 hours. For those that need me, you know how to reach me by other means (my sons FaceTime, or my wife’s texts are likely routes).

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