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11TH June 2016

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Now I really want to be like Peter Thiel

I’ve taken a moment to think about the gawker/Hulk Hogan verdict, and the much bigger message behind it. Here’s my take on the backstory… If being gay means…demonstrating that actions have consequences, then I’m with Peter. I have experienced so much of this in the past five years, and it nearly make me sick up, as TEL would say. After a morally bankrupt act is committed, the refrain “that wasn’t the intent” , or “you’re being too sensitive” seems to follow in lock step. Thiel seems to have once again linked the intent and the impact such that the perp could not escape the consequences. And I love it. If being gay means… “when you have, give”…  then I want to be as gay as Peter. Call it the digital […]

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06TH June 2016

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We did this: Innovadores Year One

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead The Innovadores Foundation just completed the most amazing year of progress, thanks in no small part to that small team, and the support of donors  who believed it could be done. ReBirth of our Foundation A year ago, our 501c3 was still named KFAC, a charitable hold-over from our many years crossing Long Island Sound to benefit our community and environment. Part of that journey led us to support young entrepreneurs who won internships at Grand Central Tech; we have placed more than two dozen kids in that enviable spot in the past two years. But when we began to make our inroads in Cuba, it seemed right to […]

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My Buddies from the Future, Snoops

Ok, most of my jeans are cuffed and I often show off some hot socks or bare ankles, depending on the season. Where did that all come from? Well, I recently found out. I have often said, when asked what I do, “I try to visit the future, and build what’s missing”. This ends up just confusing most people. And the fact I am more often wrong than right, statistically, doesn’t help much. But recently, I was introduced to Lilly & the team at Fashion Snoops by a dear friend [...]

Times are changing… so cue the Gummies

I’m pretty much ready to change my mind. At least, change it from being entirely closed… to being somewhat open… to some possible benefits… of cannabis. My experience, or lack thereof, with the plant was somewhat of an incongruent legend at Choate and thereafter. Although one of my roommates, a certified “double agent” loved the stuff and also somehow excelled at hockey, I just couldn’t imagine myself stoned. The way I saw it, I was struggling enough at [...]

25TH May 2016

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Want to be a Mom someday? Be a nanny to start.

 This just struck me, when speaking to my n-th nanny this month. There is probably no better way to address the old adage “making a baby does not make you a parent” than to try it out on someone else’s kids. I sat recently with Lindsay Bell from Bell Family, one of New York’s largest in-demand nanny and sitter service, and she confirmed my hunch. It is actually a very big reason many nannies cite when applying to Bell Family; they want to have kids of their own someday. And yes there are plenty of re-assuring words out there about babies not know what to do either, and first time parents should just relax and do what’s natural. But thinking a bit from a dad’s perspective, nannies can learn so much about […]

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