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10TH November 2016


Havana-thon: Vamanos

My next Marathon (can’t believe I’m saying that) will be in Havana, to benefit Carmen & Ray’s kids. I stare at that sentence in sheer incredulity. But it’s true.  As most of you know, the 501c3 previously known as KFAC has landed in Cuba and now helps entrepreneurs emerge from a myriad of challenges the scale of Jurassic Park.  I am proud to play a small part in helping this unique Latin community that has great culture, creativity, and work ethic. Havana is close to the US in so many ways: the 1.7M Cubans in the US represent 3.5% of the Hispanic Population, and 15% of total Cuban population. On the personal front, my training has more-or-less continued since New York City a year ago. I have logged about 500 miles in […]

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24TH October 2016

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Henkleman and Homestead; Elevated Sense and Soul

What to do on your Son’s fifth Birthday when it falls on a Wednesday at lunch…

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Ask not what your country can do for you…

I am often asked about Cuban people and how they feel about Americans. This recent, impromptu photo from Choate explains it well. Ruben and two other Innovadores interns were visiting Choate recently, where this picture of a notable alum hangs in admissions. He didn’t know it was going to be there, but he recognized it. Being a selfie machine, Ruben sprung to action. But later, when I asked him, he said yes he knew about Bay of Pigs, The Blockade, and the Embargo. And while it hurt his cou [...]

Eternal KFAC

Walter Hotz passed on. In my ten years of leading KFAC, I was never more proud of anything than the unbridled enthusiasm and dedication that this man brought to the party. Literally, all the way to the party.  In the words of a fellow paddler; Walter was that guy you never wanted to beat but you always loved seeing hit the beach. The guy who came back every summer, high fived you before the crossing, hugged you after. The guy who was on every team, who cheered for all of us and inspired us [...]

11TH June 2016

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Now I really want to be like Peter Thiel

I’ve taken a moment to think about the gawker/Hulk Hogan verdict, and the much bigger message behind it. Here’s my take on the backstory… If being gay means…demonstrating that actions have consequences, then I’m with Peter. I have experienced so much of this in the past five years, and it nearly make me sick up, as TEL would say. After a morally bankrupt act is committed, the refrain “that wasn’t the intent” , or “you’re being too sensitive” seems to follow in lock step. Thiel seems to have once again linked the intent and the impact such that the perp could not escape the consequences. And I love it. If being gay means… “when you have, give”…  then I want to be as gay as Peter. Call it the digital […]

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