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25TH May 2016

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Times are changing… so cue the Gummies

I’m pretty much ready to change my mind. At least, change it from being entirely closed… to being somewhat open… to some possible benefits… of cannabis. My experience, or lack thereof, with the plant was somewhat of an incongruent legend at Choate and thereafter. Although one of my roommates, a certified “double agent” loved the stuff and also somehow excelled at hockey, I just couldn’t imagine myself stoned. The way I saw it, I was struggling enough at the academic challenges of boarding school, I didn’t need to walk around like I had just suffered a(nother) blow to the head. I also thought surrendering a years tuition for a night of fun would not go over well with my parents. And so I politely declined. Over and over. For like […]

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20TH May 2016

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Oh, the things we take for granted…

I flew to San Fran this week, and back, hardly missing any time on wifi while in the air. I should be grateful for that. Meanwhile, in Havana, people struggle to get online for a few minutes, but when they do…  they are transformed. When I compare the two expectations, our and theirs, I recall a great bit from Louis CK about the hardships we “think” we endure, like flying through the air 500 miles and hour, in a chair, surfing the web and doing work.  “New York to SanFran used to take people 30 years, and half the people would die with an arrow in their neck”. Now, if we don’t board priority, we don’t get our luggage in the overhead bins *sigh*. Meanwhile, in Cuba, people take nothing for granted. […]

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Start Up Choate Panel

Chloe and I hosted another Start Up Choate panel, this one at Alumni Weekend in Wallingford. I felt like I was home. The panel was really cool, and diverse. From first-timers to old timers. From old-school tech like Mobile (it’s ten years Alex!) to new stuff like trans-gender HR management (thanks for the heads up Natalie!). Here’s the whole panel: Jordan Bookey ’96, Co-Founder of Zoobean Jordan Lloyd Bookey is Chief Mom and co-founder of Zoobean. Her company’s flagship prod [...]

Cuffs & New Buddies from the Future, Snoops

Ok, most of my jeans are cuffed and I often show off some hot socks or bare ankles, depending on the season. Where did that all come from? Well, I recently found out. I have often said, when asked what I do, “I try to visit the future, and build what’s missing”. This ends up just confusing most people. And the fact I am more often wrong than right, statistically, doesn’t help much. But recently, I was introduced to Lilly & the team at Fashion Snoops by a dear friend [...]

04TH May 2016

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I’d like to see what $40k clothes look like…

…Said my favorite designer in Havana yesterday, poignantly nailing the depth of the gulf between Cuban and American cultures. Idania, founder of a Design shop named Clandestina, may have been thinking what I thought; that blouse is like…166 years average salary in Cuba. And she actually said it! Chanel rolled in to Havana yesterday, on the heels of Usher, the Stones, Obama, Conan, and of course the Innovadores. No word yet on Britney or the Kardashians. And while everyone is taking inspiration from Cuban colors and culture, precious few are making something of the same in a way that benefits the Cubans themselves. Obviously, the market for Chanel blouses is a bit thin in Havana, where the average salary is $20.  And while the world has declared Cuba hot hot hot, […]

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